Teaching in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia can be a rewarding experience. The Saudi Arabian Cultural Mission does not advertise teaching positions; we only facilitate the process when you obtain an offer from a Saudi higher education institiution. You can view teaching positions in Saudi Arabia advertised on various job websites.

If you are in the process of contracting with a higher education institution in Saudi Arabia, the institution will ask us to process the new employee’s paperwork and issue a visa for you. We will require that the Saudi university provides us with an official letter detailing the employee’s salary and other job descriptions. Then, we will ask the employee to come to SACM’s offices in Canberra to sign the contract. This is mandatory, as the employee needs to sign the contract before the Cultural Attaché to Australia.

You will need to bring the following documents when you visit SACM:
1. All the original certificates attested by the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (and two photocopies)
2. A medical report (clearance)
3. A valid Australian passport
4. A valid Police Clearance

Our business hours are 9:00am – 4:00pm Monday – Friday . Please make sure you have booked an appointment in advance to see the Cultural Attaché.
Following the signing of the contract, the employee should contact one of the travel agents that are approved to handle visa procedures with the Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia in Australia. The Embassy does not accept direct visa applications. Click here for more information about Saudi Arabia visa procedures. The agent will explain the procedures.

. Qualifications obtained from a country other than Australia should be authenticated at the Saudi Arabian Cultural Mission(SACM) in the issuing country.
. If the contractor has an original contract signed between the contractor and a Saudi university, the contractor may not be required to signe an intial contract at SACM.
. The contractor will be required to present copies of their qualification(s) and supporting documents certified by (DFAT and SACM) to the Saudi university in KSA. . The contractor will be required to present a letter of experience confirming that he/she has worked at an Australian university.
. The Technical Department attests qualifications only issued in Australia. Please check the >Attestation procedures.