The Saudi Arabian Cultural Mission (SACM) in Australia has recently issued a book entitled “A Guide to Sponsored Students’ Dependants’ Education” in Arabic. The aim of the publication is to explain all procedures pertaining to the education of children of Saudi students and diplomats studying in Australian public schools. It also facilitates the delivery of SACM’s services to Saudi students and their dependants in Australia and provides them with all information they need.

The electronic book consists of 41 pages and answers most of the queries relating to the education of children of Saudi students in Australia, being one of the most important issues of concern to scholarship students who come to Australia together with their school-age dependents. The book also contains information about the system and regulations of public education and early childhood education in Australia, as well as general information about Australian schools and their curricula, programs and admission requirements.

On the other hand, the book talks in detail about distance education for Saudi students living abroad, including curricula and testing. The book also contains information and e-links of interest to students and their parents, such as lists of education departments in Australian states, lists of public and private schools in Australia, and other information that may be useful for Saudi students and their children.

The book can be viewed on: