The Saudi Arabian Cultural Mission (SACM) has launched a new English version of its website. In line with SACM’s endeavours towards cultural promotion, the new English website version aims at providing English readers with information about Saudi Arabia and its culture and prosperity. The website also provides English readers and Australians, in particular, with useful information about studying in Saudi Arabia, Saudi educational system and Saudi universities and research institutions. Furthermore, the new English version contains information about scholarships offered by Saudi universities to non-Arabic speakers to study Arabic language and other courses in Saudi Arabia. The Scholarships page contains information about scholarship requirements and application procedures. The version also provides information for Australian academics contracted with Saudi universities to help them complete their travel procedures to Saudi Arabia.
The Awards page contains information about international awards and prizes offered by Saudi corporations, which promote competition between international competitors in various scientific fields and in different languages including English.
SACM’s English website also talks about the history, departments, services and news of the Mission. Information for Saudi students studying in Australia and their Clubs across Australian states and cities can also be found in the website, in addition to several links to important information sources in Saudi Arabia and Australia.