Academic Affairs Department

The Academic Affairs Department monitors the study and academic progress of Saudi sponsored students. The Department’s role starts when the student’s file is opened, and continues until graduation. This Department acts as a link between the student, the university and the Saudi sponsoring body. Core tasks of the Academic Affairs Department are:

  • Facilitate enrollment of students with Australian educational institutions.
  • Monitor educational progress of the sponsored students.
  • Reply to academic queries raised by sponsored students and Saudi sponsoring bodies.
  • Look on academic applications filed by sponsored students to change universities and/or courses.
  • Address difficulties and issues encountered by sponsored students, and liaise with Australian educational institutions in this regard.

The Academic Affairs Department also creates a record for each student and regularly updates it. Core tasks of the Department in this area are:

  • Open and keep students’ files and managing archives.
  • Update personal data of students and their companions in SACM’s database.
  • Regularly verify availability of students and their companions in Australia.
  • Communicate with the Budget Department, the Saudi Ministry of Education.
  • Communicate with other Saudi cultural missions in regard to transferred students.
  • Manage all domestic and international travel arrangements for students.
  • Close scholarship files and notify the sponsoring bodies in Saudi Arabia.
  • Provide admission support and attestation services to Saudi students, and to Australians contracted with Saudi organizations.

Bases of Recognition For non- Saudi University Degrees (*)