Below is a list of some initiatives implemented by SACM from January 2013 to June 2015, divided into six main aspects as under:

  • Advice and tips for students.
  • Enhancing communication with students.
  • Encouraging excellence.
  • Administrative and technical development.
  • Cultural exchange.
  • Review and evaluation.

SACM is currently working towards implementation of many further initiatives. SACM values students’ feedback as a guideline toward improving its services to better cater to students needs and help them realize their expectations and aspirations. SACM does ensure that all staff members make every effort to enhance their performance and overcome any current and potential challenges.

Note: Some links on this page may redirect the reader to Arabic pages for student use. Titles of these links are translated into English to indicate SACM’s scope of services.

Advice and tips for students
Launching orientation programs of bases of recognition for non-Saudi university degrees, and inviting the director of the General Administration for non-Saudi University Degrees Recognition. Feb/2013
Organizing academic leadership programs for students sponsored by Saudi universities. Apr/2013
Organizing Saudi National Day contest. May/2013
Publishing the “ Legal Guide”.  Sep/2013
Creating a guiding page on the website about English language learning. Nov/2013
Meeting between Imam of Grand Holy Mosque and students. May/2014
Publishing “ Medical Fellowships Guide”. Jun/2014
Launching the “ Orientation Program” initiative. Sep/2014
Launching anti-radicalism programs. Nov/2014
Publishing SACM’s “ Advice and Tips” on twitter.  Jan/2015
Establishing “Social Affairs Unit”. Feb/2015
Publishing “ Guide to Study in Australia”. Apr/2015
Publishing “ Education System in Australia” booklet.  Apr/2015
Launching SACM’s “ Anti-smoking Campaign”. Jun/2015
Enhancing communication with students
Creating SACM’s account on social media. Jan/2013
Launching “Meeting with my Students” program. Mar/2013
Authorizing some of customer service and communication good practices, and conducting training for academic advisors. Apr/2013
Establishing Complaint and Follow-up Unit. Apr/2013
Establishing SACM’s Call Centre. Jun/2013
Launching SACM’s application on smart devices. Dec/2013
Organizing regular meetings with students and universities. Feb/2014
Publishing SACM on YouTube. Apr/2014
Upgrading the central telephone system. Nov/2014
Adding “WhatsApp” as a new communication channel of SACM. Feb/2015
Approving 1300222242 as SACM’s main phone number. May/2015
Encouraging excellence 
Launching “Encouraging Excellence” program for students. Feb/2013
Encouraging excellence among SACM’s staff members, and raising the motto of “From Success to Excellence”. Mar/2013
Creating “List of Honor” page on SACM’s website.  May/2013
Approving a method of calculating the distinction reward for PhD students. Jul/2013
Encouraging good practices among academic advisors and other staff members. Feb/2014
Setting up “Scientific Innovation Gallery” as part of the graduation ceremony. Aug/2014
Approving a method of calculating the distinction reward for medical fellowship students. Nov/2014
Encouraging good practices at Saudi Student Clubs. Feb/2014
Creating “Employing Scholarship Graduates” guiding page on SACM’s website to boost employment of graduates. Jan/2015
Creating a list of best Australian universities categorized according to majors, and urging new students to enroll at those universities. Feb/2015
Administrative and technical development 
Establishing Quality Assurance & Development Unit. Jan/2013
Upgrading SACM’s website (  Jan/2013
Issuing terms of reference for SACM’s departments. Feb/2013
Develop SACM’s vision and mission and identifying general goals. Feb/2013
Developing a work plan of short term and long term goals, and setting key performance indicators. Feb/2013
Establishing Program and Academic Planning Unit. Mar/2013
Issuing monthly and annual reports about SACM’s operations. Jun/2013
Relocating the servers to SACM’s premises. Nov/2013
Launching review of data program, whereby SACM’s incomplete transactions are addressed and data are sorted out. Oct/2013
Upgrading email systems and link them with SAFEER program. Jan/2014
Launching SACM’s intranet (STAFF). Oct/2014
Launching Comprehensive Inquiry initiative, which is included in SAFEER program.  Dec/2014
Approving SACM’s new organization structure. Feb/2015
Approving SACM’s new logo. Mar/2015
Launching “Regulation of Procedures of Admission to Australian Universities” initiative. Mar/2015
Cultural exchange
Participating in annual Australian multicultural festivals and events. Feb/2014
Publishing “ ASDAA” book (on the cultural status of Australia).  Feb/2014
Producing publications and fliers about Saudi Arabia in Arabic and English languages. Apr/2014
Participating in conferences on education in Australia and presenting papers thereat about Saudi Arabia. Oct/2014
Meetings of Cultural Attachés from Gulf states as a venue for mutual coordination. Jun/2014
Celebrating the World Arabic Language Day. Dec/2014
Launching SACM’s English website. Jan/2015
Media highlights on Saudi-Australian cultural relationships over a decade. Feb/2015
Direct cooperation with representatives of Australian universities clusters. Mar/2015
Organizing SACM’s open day to get Australians to learn about Saudi Arabia. Jun/2015
Review and evaluation
Conducting annual comprehensive review of students’ files and their companions’ files. Apr/2013
Reviewing electronic and paper forms and adjusting them with actual needs. Aug/2013
Reviewing and upgrading internal audit system to include different work procedures. Oct/2013
Evaluating English language institutes and delisting non-compliant ones. Nov/2013
Annual evaluation of SACM’s staff performance. Dec/2013
Launching “Visitor Satisfaction Evaluation” program. Jan/2014
Launching daily and weekly follow-up program to ensure quick performance. Feb/2014
Biannual evaluation of staff performance and students satisfaction. Jun/2014
Conducting a comprehensive study to evaluate Australian universities. Nov/2014
Launching graduates poll program. Dec/2014
Evaluating sponsored students’ performance at Australian universities. Apr/2015


SACM is proud of its great achievements including several initiatives and development programs in all aspects of work. However, there are still some goals yet to realize towards quality assurance and lifting the performance to the highest potential. SACM’s Quality Assurance and Development Unit, which is supervised by the Cultural Attaché, is currently studying the feasibility of some initiatives and development programs. Some other initiatives and development programs are in process pending approvals from relevant authorities. SACM welcomes all proposals and feedback, which aim at improving our work and services. SACM frequently asks for feedback of students and staff members for ongoing improvement.
Examples of some development programs currently under consideration:

  • Translation of Saudi cultural publications into English.
  • Translation of Australian cultural publications into Arabic.
  • More focus on internship programs, and concluding agreements with Australian institutions in this regard.
  • More efforts to link Saudi graduates from Australia with employers in Saudi Arabia.
  • Enhancing response and communication to the possible highest levels.
  • Simplifying and abridging some procedures to speed up the performance and uplift the quality.
  • Analysing the outcomes of different evaluation programs, and making use of research findings in development.
  • Conducting some studies about Australian universities.
  • Organizing various contests for students to encourage their creativity and innovation.
  • Some ideas to promote Saudi Student Clubs’ activities.

For feedback and suggestions, please communicate with the Cultural Attaché via email.