Office of the Cultural Attaché

The Office of the Cultural Attaché oversees all the departments of SACM, and monitors the progress of King Abdullah Scholarship Program and scholarships offered by other Saudi ministries and organizations in Australia. The Cultural Attaché supervises and monitors performance of SACM’s departments in coordination with the Deputy Attachés who manage the departments and report directly to him, in accordance with the organization structure. The Cultural Attaché also represents SACM with the Saudi Embassy in Australia, the Saudi Ministry of Education and all other agencies and educational institutions involved, as well as Australian organizations and institutions.

The Office of the Cultural Attaché includes the following administrative units:

  • The secretary to the Attaché: responsible for all secretary and office support tasks, such as organizing staff appointments to see the Attaché, scheduling internal and external meetings and appointments, welcoming visitors and making and answering phone calls…etc
  • Manager of the Office of the Cultural Attaché: responsible for confidential or highly important tasks assigned by the Attaché, in coordination and collaboration with the Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia in Australia or with MOE. He tackles urgent matters and all other tasks assigned by the Attaché.
  • Quality Assurance and Development Unit: operates under direct supervision of the Cultural Attaché, responsible for implementation of quality assurance and development programs in all aspects of SACM’s work.
  • Public Relations Unit: responsible for externalizing SACM; liaising with colleagues and key stakeholders; organizing events including press conferences, exhibitions, open days and functions; maintaining the organization’s image and communicating its message to its customers and concerned parties.

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