Cultural Department

The Cultural and Social Affairs Department is responsible for promoting positive cultural exchange between Saudi Arabia and Australia. The Department assists Saudi students and their families in achieving their scholarship objectives. Core tasks of the Department are:
• Coordinating mutual visits between educational institutions in Australia and Saudi Arabia to foster cultural, educational and scientific exchange.
• Facilitating and coordinating the participation of officials, scientists, academics and scholars from both countries at conferences, workshops and seminars held in Australia and Saudi Arabia.
• Facilitating and finalizing procedures of the initial contracts made for Australian academics that are offered places to teach at universities and educational institutions in Saudi Arabia.
• Facilitating participation of Saudi and Australian nominates in international conferences held in both countries.
• Raising Saudi students’ awareness of educational, legal and social rules in Australia.
• Supervising Saudi Student Clubs in Australia.
• Directing student cultural outreach initiatives through the establishment of Saudi Student Societies at Australian universities.
• Managing SACM’s website.
• Producing SACM’s publications and books in both English and Arabic languages, in order to enrich cultural exchange between both countries.
• Organizing SACM’s events and celebrations, and overseeing SACM’s public relations division.
• Providing accredited translation of all documents, correspondences, SACM’s publications and books. Providing onsite interpreting services to SACM.
• Managing academic seats sponsored by the Government of Saudi Arabia in support of scientific research centers within Australian universities.
• Facilitating authentication process for students’ children studying in Australian schools.