Note: Some links on this page may redirect you to (Arabic pages for student use) . Titles of these links are translated into English to indicate SACM’s scope of services.

All Financial Department’s requests
Financial Department’s requests
Health insurance registration Health insurance fee reimbursement Visa & medical test fee reimbursement
Inquiry request Allowances Tuition fee reimbursement request
Pay tuition fee Benefits Dependent school fees
Health insurance
Registration & Ticket e-Requests
Ticket request Open file for scholarship student request Upon arrival report request
Graduation report request Ticket reimbursement request
Academic Department’s e Requests
Admission & Academic Attestation Unit’s e Requests
Admission assistance request University offer of admission attestation for civil service employees Qualification attestation request
Qualification attestation for self-funded students Qualification attestation for non-Saudis Qualification recognition request
Qualification recognition regulations
Self-funded students & companions e Requests
Self-funded study approval request Apply for a scholarship request for self-funded students Companion’s language tuition FG request
Open file for self-funded student request Apply for a scholarship request for student companion Training course request for non-sponsored companion
Open file for student companion request
Sponsored students e Requests (all levels)
Inquiry request Scholarship extension request Change university request
Change major request Change university & major request Continue English language request
Change language institute request Scholarship upgrade request Scholarship transfer to another country request
Defer scholarship request Financial guarantee request Vacation request
End scholarship request (with graduation) End scholarship request (without graduation) Resume stipends request
Reward request (distinction) Tutoring fee reimbursement request Scholarship separation request (companion)
Update scholarship end date request Re-applying for scholarship request Pay stipend discrepancy request
Change of guardian request Personal information update request Add academic qualification request
Add companion request Inquiry request Identification letter request
Sponsored students e Requests (postgraduates)
Attend seminar/conference request Field trip request (scientific) Printing Masters/PhD thesis allowance request
Allowance request (scientific material/reference books) Training course request Field trip request (scientific)