Financial & Administrative Affairs Department

The Financial & Administrative Affairs Department handles all financial, administrative and IT matters including, inter alia, tuition fees, medical invoices and insurance, dependants’ school fees, visa arrangements, administration and HR, and IT matters. This department is responsible for all accounts and expenditure made by SACM. The decision as to when the student shall start to earn his/her financial stipends from the Scholarship Program is the responsibility of this Department.

As to finance, the Department is divided into the following units:
• Student allowances, payments and entitlements.
• Student tuition fees and their dependents’ school fees.
• Medical invoices and insurance.
• Banking and accounts.
• Auditing.

Financial Affairs tasks:

• Preparing the annual budget and monthly vouchers.
• Maintaining and enhancing bank relations.
• Auditing, processing and paying medical invoices and tuition fees.
• Auditing, processing and paying employee and student stipends.
• Issuing checks and signing contracts with different institutions and companies in compliance with the rules and regulations set by the Saudi Ministry of Higher Education.

Administrative and HR tasks:

• Managing payroll, staff payments and keeping relevant documentation.
• Creating files and issuing employment contracts for new employees.
• Finalizing end-of-service procedures and entitlements of current employees.
• Issuing correspondences sent by SACM to the Saudi Ministry of Higher Education.
• Processing annual and sick leaves for existing employees.
• Monitoring and recording staff attendance.
• Issuing internal circulars and notifications.
• Managing incoming and outgoing mails.

IT tasks and Network Infrastructure:

• Providing technical and ICT support to SACM’s staff (trouble shooting, maintenance, repairs …etc).
• Identifying departmental IT needs, and supplying computers and accessories thereof.
• Running SACM’s IT network and servers.
• Supplying and installing office equipment when employees change places.
• Running SACM’s current applications.
• Providing SACM’s outlook services.
• Providing SACM’s mass E-mail services.