This department communicates with sponsored students, in coordination with the rest of SACM’s departments on administrative and financial matters which require urgent response, in order to cater to students’ needs and requests as per their scholarship conditions, and according to regulations and instructions of the sponsoring bodies. The department is run by competent team members who possess good communication skills and deal in a friendly manner, which enable them to deliver quality customer services to the students, whether onsite, over the phone or through emails.

Core tasks of the department include:

  • Respond to students’ requests and queries, in coordination with SACM’s departments.
  • Analyze and report on difficulties encountered by students.
  • Act as a link between students and SACM’s departments for ease of communication.
  • Attend events held by Saudi Student Clubs and receive students’ feedback and suggestions.
  • Monitor poor-achieving students and visit them at their institutions, in coordination with the Academic Affairs Department.
  • Verify and accomplish tasks or requests referred by the Cultural Attaché, in coordination with SACM’s departments.