Annual Exhibition

International Exhibition & Conference on Higher Education (IECHE)

IECHE is an annual international exhibition organized by the Saudi Ministry of Higher Education in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. It aims to encourage participation, enhance collaboration and build partnerships between Saudi and international higher education institutions, and to develop mutual understanding about the issues that govern and influence the quality of higher education worldwide.


A short time from now, the IECHE will become a globally influential event both by facilitating exchanges among local, regional and international higher education institutions and organizations, and by developing the country’s economy through nurturing knowledge based society.


The IECHE’s purpose is to act as a liaison between foreign and local higher education institutions, providing them with an excellent networking venue for exchanging knowledge and forging solid alliances; creating a cooperative environment where ample opportunities for seekers of overseas higher education are gathered under one roof.

To develop a knowledge-based economy in Saudi Arabia, the Ministry of Higher Education is relying on building solid partnerships with some of the world’s top higher education institutions. In such an environment, the International Exhibition & Conference on Higher Education (IECHE) is a key player in bringing together in one place educators, students, speakers, and leading universities from around the world to channel their energies and work towards a common goal of spreading knowledge and learning.

Objectives of IECHE:

• To provide Saudi students and universities with the opportunity to interact with international higher education Institutions.

• To give local universities exposure to international education standards and expertise.

• To establish academic agreements between local and international institutions.

• To encourage the development of the local higher education sector through interaction and communication with international institutions.

• To provide both international and local universities with a gateway through which they can meet to share and discuss their expertise and insights on the field of higher education.

Benefits of participation in IECHE:

• IECHE is an active communication channel between Saudi Universities and international universities.

• Direct interaction with a large segment of student who will join higher education.

• Enhance relations with the Ministry of Higher Education, Saudi universities, colleges, and institutes.

• Introduce educational programs to wide population segment, as 50% of the Saudi population is less than 20 years according to official statistics.

• Attract applicants who are willing to study abroad including those qualified for scholarships by both public and private sectors.


• International universities, colleges, institutions and organizations concerned with higher education.

• Saudi public and private universities and colleges.

• Saudi cultural attaché missions, and international organizations interested in higher education.


• It is expected that more than 300,000 visitors of students and their parents from all around the Kingdom and neighboring countries will attend the exhibition.

• Senior officials of the Ministry of Higher Education in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

• Elite speakers and experts in higher education field from all over the world.

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Facts and Figures about IECHE 2014 
Number of participating countries 36
Total number of International universities and other higher education 490
institutions 438
Total number of local universities and other education institutions 52

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