A report on Areas of Research Excellence in Australian Universities(in Arabic) (2016)
Saudi Arabian Cultural Mission (SACM) in Australia published this report based on a report issued by the Australian Research Council, in order to provide students, researchers and stakeholders with a resource about scientific research in Australian universities, focusing on aspects of excellence in the activities and researches of Australian universities.
The report includes 22 majors of the main scientific disciplines and 157 scientific sub-fields. It provides a realistic and neutral assessment of the level of scientific research in Australian universities, and gives indication of the status of scientific research as to production and quality over a long period of time.
The report is an important reference for SACM to look at Australian universities through an Australian self-assessment of the research performance in Australian universities compared to rating of Australian universities in the global map.
 About Saudi Arabia (2015)
This publication provides important information about Saudi Arabia in the past and present. For ease of access to information, the publication is divided into the following chapters: Overview; History; Traditions and Art; Education; Recreation Activities; Traditional Dress; Economy; Major Cities; Facts in brief.
 About Saudi Arabian Cultural Mission (2015)
This booklet provides a detailed profile about Saudi Arabian Cultural Mission (SACM) in Australia. It talks about SACM’s vision and mission; departments; quality assurance and development programs; SACM’s publications; Saudi Cultural Attachés to Australia; SACM’s partners in Australia; King Abdullah Scholarship Program (KASP); and SACM’s contact details.
 Education System in Australia (in Arabic)(2015)
This booklet provides students and interested parties with important information about general and higher education systems in Australia. It also provides an overview of research trends in Australia. The publication is meant to be a handy material that contains useful information on various topics about education in Australia gathered in one source.



 Initiatives & Development Programs (in Arabic)(2015)
This booklet summarizes initiatives and development programs recently implemented by Saudi Arabian Cultural Mission (SACM), focusing on the following areas: quality assurance, communication, cultural production, orientation and guidance, evaluation of SACM’s and students’ performance, rewarding and recognition, student support, and SACM’s services enhancement.
 A Guide to Studying in Australia (in Arabic)(2015)
The Guide to Studying in Australia is one of Saudi Arabian Cultural Mission’s quality assurance and development initiatives. It aims at assisting students and scholarship candidates in their study journey.
The guide aims at meeting students’ needs and helping them easily find information. It provides important information that would assist students in their travel, study and living arrangements in Australia, such as visa procedures, preparing for travel, arriving, and settling in.  The guide also talks about Australia, its history, people and culture.
 The Legal Guide (in Arabic)(first edition 2013 – second edition 2015)
The Legal Guide is one of Saudi Arabian Cultural Mission’s important publications. It aims at educating Saudi sponsored students on the Australian laws and regulations related to their living in Australia as international students. The Legal Guide also discusses topics influencing student’s everyday life, such as housing laws, traffic laws, immigration laws, banking, social relations, intellectual property laws, educational and employment laws, and other laws and regulations related to international students.
 A Guide to Medical Fellowships in Australia (in Arabic)(first edition 2014 – second edition 2015)
The Guide to Medical Fellowships in Australia provides information about selection criteria and admission requirements of medical fellowships and training in Australia. The guide is divided into four chapters: Chapter 1: Health system in Australia; Chapter 2: Advanced medical training in Australia; Chapter 3: Pathways of medical fellowships in Australia; and Chapter 4: List of royal and specialized medical colleges in Australia.
 Bases of Recognition for non-Saudi University Degrees (2014)
This book provides information about Saudi educational system and qualification framework which constitute benchmarks for carrying out the recognition for non-Saudi university degrees. It also talks about the long-established academic codes of instructions set for Saudi students when they are abroad.
 Scientific Innovation Gallery (in Arabic)(2014)
This booklet sheds light on outstanding scientific achievements of Saudi sponsored students in Australia, which tangibly evidence the success of King Abdullah Sponsorship Program (KASP). The booklet also provides information about the Scientific Innovation Gallery held by SACM during the graduation ceremony and job fair on 9-10 August 2014. The gallery had exhibited remarkable scientific innovations and patents achieved by Saudi students in various fields of study.
 SACM’s Annual Report (in Arabic) (2014)
SACM’s Annual Report reviews SACM’s work, development programs and activities of the relevant year. The report provides detailed information and statistics about programs and procedures implemented by SACM’s departments toward an enhanced work environment and smoother procedures. The report also sheds light on SACM’s important achievements in 2014, and is divided into ten chapters:
Chapter 1: Introduction about SACM; Chapter 2: SACM in figures; Chapter 3: SACM at present; Chapter 4: SACM in the future; Chapter 5: Outstanding students; Chapter 6: Communication; Chapter 7: Cultural hroughput; Chapter 8: Work and outcome; Chapter 9: SACM’s guests; Chapter 10: Approaching the next year.
 ASDAA – the Cultural Status in Australia (2013)
In 2013, SACM published “ASDAA – the Cultural Status in Australia” as part of its quality cultural initiatives aiming at boosting SACM’s cultural contributions in addition to its role as academic service provider.
ASDAA discusses key features of culture in Australia and highlights the prominent cultural and scientific events held in Australia in 2013. SACM’s cultural and academic activities were also highlighted.
ASDAA contains a list of most recent books published in Australia in 2013 in various fields and specializations, detailed information about Australian patents and annual scientific and cultural awards, plus a list of 100 patents registered in Australia in 2013.
The publication also reviews important cultural sites and corporations in Australia, and provides information about major exhibition and conference venues in various Australian cities and contains information about the history, fields and locations of important libraries in Australia.
ASDAA further discusses cultural and social contributions of Arabs in Australia, and contains detailed information about important cultural events organized by Arab migrants in Australia and their written and visual cultural production. Brief biographies of some Arab writers in Australia and an overview about World Arabic Language Day are also included.
 Cultural Gateway magazine, Issue 2  (2010)
This issue includes historical topics, university reviews and interviews, and gives the reader insights into the personalities at the Cultural Mission by interviewing the movers and shakers behind the organization. Articles also deal with students welfare, be it health or safety issues. The overall goal is to provide a more integrated and beneficial read to the users. It also aims to narrow the gulf between the Saudi and Australian cultures and bring about a greater understanding of each other.
 Cultural Gateway magazine, Issue 1 (2009)
The Cultural Gateway magazine includes historical topics and university news. It also includes some news about visits of Saudi and Australian senior officials and academics between the two countries; Saudi cultural event in Australia; scientific of Saudi students; reflections of a Saudi postgraduate student and biotech collaboration between Saudi Arabia and Australia. The overall goal is to provide a more integrated and beneficial read to the users. It also aims to narrow the gulf between the Saudi and Australian cultures and bring about a greater understanding of each other.