Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance and Development Unit

This unit operates under direct supervision of the Cultural Attaché. It is responsible for implementation of quality assurance and development programs in all aspects of SACM’s work. It aims at enhancing SACM’s performance, under supervision of Deputy Attaché for Academic Affairs, Deputy Attaché for Cultural Affairs and Deputy Attaché for Financial & Administrative Affairs. All of SACM’s staff members are expected to contribute to quality and development programs, because the development is an inclusive process involving all members of SACM. The unit has adopted the motto of “From Success to Excellence” as a basis for its performance.


  • To help accomplishing the goals of Saudi Ministry of Education by uplifting SACM’s performance, through implementation of quality assurance concepts.
  • To help evolving SACM’s work into a systematic corporate work.
  • To promote quality assurance concept among SACM’s team members and raise the level of performance expectations.
  • To develop a plan for implementation of quality assurance and development programs, while setting follow-up and monitoring tools for SACM’s departments.
  • To monitor commitment of SACM’s departments to the quality standards.
  • To establish a high expertise at SACM in the field of quality assurance and development.
  • To implement training programs on quality assurance and development for SACM’s academic advisors and other employees.
  • To establish an integral biannual evaluation system for SACM’s departments, using different tools including students’ feedback.
  • To make use of data and statistics on SAFEER program, in order to enhance SACM’s the performance.
  • To encourage fair competition between SACM’s departments and staff members toward excellence.

Quality assurance and development measures implemented by SACM:

  • Upgrading SACM’s website (English and Arabic).
  • Establishing the Follow-up and Complaint Unit.
  • Analyzing students’ problems during language study period.
  • Implementing staff performance/students’ satisfaction evaluation program.
  • Producing cultural and guiding publications.
  • Comprehensive review of data, whereby the number of SACM’s incomplete transactions has fallen to zero.
  • Relocating the servers to SACM’s premises.
  • Changing SACM’s email domain to: ……..@moe.gov.sa.
  • Evolving SACM’s work into a systematic corporate work.
  • Establishing an academic plans unit.
  • Clarification of procedures.
  • Simplification of procedures.
  • Reviewing academic procedures.
  • Providing information about the Basis of Qualifications Recognition for non-Saudi University Degrees in different format.
  • Upgrading customer (students) services.
  • Enhancing communication with students (new channels).
  • Upgrading SACM’s phone system.
  • Facilitating schooling of sponsored students’ dependents.
  • Enhancing staff commitment and performance.
  • Supporting Saudi Student Clubs.
  • Regular meetings with students.
  • Tracking daily and weekly transactions.
  • Organizing competitions and quizzes for students in various fields and events.
  • Designing SACM’s own logo.
  • Reformation of SACM’s administrative structure.
  • Redrafting and launching of the English version of SACM’s website.
  • Comprehensive medical insurance for students and diplomats (agreement signed with NIB Insurance Company).