The Saudi Arabian Cultural Mission (SACM) in Australia celebrated the World Arabic Language Day on 18th December 2014. On this occasion, SACM held a lecture at the University of Melbourne titled “the Importance of Arabic Language” and supervised by the Saudi Student Club in Victoria. A group of Saudi sponsored students in Victoria and other interested guests attended the lecture. Dr. Abdul Samad Abdullah, an academic staff member of the Arabic Program, Asia Institute, the University of Melbourne was the main speaker at the lecture. He reiterated the importance of the language in general, and said that languages do reflect people’s thoughts, values and cultures, and constitute a factor for prosperity and cultural enrichment. Dr. Abdul Samad Abdullah also reiterated the international importance of Arabic language and its contribution to the safeguarding and dissemination of human civilization and culture, so that Arabic became a UN official working language on 18 December 1973 by virtue of a United Nations General Assembly resolution. He also highlighted the great role the Arabic language played in facilitating communication between Arabic and Muslim nations and their civilizations and heritages.
Dr. Abdul Samad answered questions raised by lecture attendees and SACM’s YouTube viewers. He further urged the Arab youth to be proud of the Arabic language and safeguard it from being negatively influenced by other cultures.
Mr. Ahmed Albatli, on behalf of the Saudi Arabian Cultural Attaché to Australia, presented a complementary trophy to Dr. Abdul Samad in appreciation of his participation in this event.
The World Arabic Language Day creates an occasion to raise awareness about the cultural and social treasure of the Arabic language and gives an opportunity to discover more about the language and its contribution to human civilization.