The Saudi Arabian Cultural Attaché, Dr. Abdulaziz Bin Taleb, has re-launched today (Tuesday 17/11/2015) SACM’s English website as the main electronic site of the mission. The launch comes in line with SACM’s endeavors toward cultural promotion, and aims at broadening the communication channels with Australian society and providing English readers with information about Saudi Arabia and its culture, heritage and prosperity. The website also provides English readers and Australians, in particular, with useful information about studying in Saudi Arabia, Saudi educational system and Saudi universities and research institutions. Furthermore, the new English version contains information about scholarships offered by Saudi universities to non-Arabic speakers to study Arabic language and other courses in Saudi Arabia. The Scholarships page contains information about scholarship requirements and application procedures. In addition, the website provides information regarding Arabic programs/ courses in Australia and Australian institutes of Arabic, Middle Eastern and/or Islamic studies.

The new version also contains links to media centre; English translation of E-requests; SAFEER; SACM’s achievements and goals; staff directory; social network channels and SACM’s organization structure. SACM’s English website also talks about the history, departments, services and news of the Mission. Information for Saudi students studying in Australia and their Clubs across Australian states/territories and cities can also be found on the website, in addition to several links to important information sources in Saudi Arabia and Australia.

The site also provides important information for Australian academics contracted with Saudi universities to help them complete their travel procedures to Saudi Arabia. The Awards page contains information about international awards and prizes offered by Saudi corporations, which promote competition between international competitors in various scientific fields and in different languages including English. Lists of Arabic courses at Australian universities, Centers for cultural and religious dialogue and centers of Middle Eastern and Islamic studies were also included. SACM’s important cultural and guiding publications can also be viewed on the website.

Dr. Bin Taleb thanked SACM team for their valuable efforts in developing the website. He further stated that SACM’s English website is a platform not only for SACM but also for Saudi Arabia and a channel of cultural and academic communication with the Australian academics and society. He stated that the launch of the site is one step only and other steps will follow in order to promote and broaden the cultural aspects of SACM tasks.

Worth mentioning, a trial version of SACM’s English website was launched early 2015. Our team has since then been working on upgrading and enriching the version. To this end, SACM has canvassed website visitors’ feedback and opinions to inform the upgrade process. Today, Tuesday 17th November 2015, SACM re-launches the English version of its website as its main electronic site. The move builds on SACM’s achievements towards enhancement of its vital role in promoting Saudi-Australian cultural exchange.

SACM’s English twitter account was also launched as another channel of communication with the Australian society. The English website can be visited at: .  For the English Twitter account: @sacm_aus