The Saudi Arabian Cultural Mission (SACM) has participated in “Family Safety Day” initiated by the  “National Family Safety Program” celebrating the tenth anniversary of the program, under the title “Your Family, Your Security: the role of family in combating violence and terrorism”. The event is held in Saudi Arabia during the period from 18th to 25th of November every year.

SACM has launched a campaign, consisting of 42 messages, released through its accounts on Twitter and Facebook aiming at educating Saudi scholarship students in Australia, and highlighting Saudi Arabia’s efforts toward family protection. The campaign also highlighted Saudi Arabia’s endeavours in combating terrorism and radicalism. SACM’s messages have received positive feedback from students in Australia and other individual and corporate followers of SACM on Twitter and Facebook.  Moreover, the “National Family Safety Program” has re-twitted SACM’s messages through their twitter account. More information in Arabic language about the program can be reviewed on: / .