The Saudi Arabian Cultural Mission (SACM) in Australia obtained approval of the Saudi Minister of Higher Education, Dr. Khaled bin Mohamed Alanqari, for publication of “ASDAA – the Cultural Status in Australia”. Dr. Alanqari thanked the Saudi Cultural Attaché to Australia and SACM’s team for this outstanding publication. The Cultural Attaché, Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia, Dr. Abdulaziz Bin Taleb thanked SACM’s working team led by the Deputy Cultural Attaché for the Cultural & Social Affairs, Dr. Abbas Brashi; Kazim Abubaker; Muataz Eltahir and Abdulhay Abdulalim, for the great efforts they had put in producing this publication.
The first version of ASDAA consisted of 128 pages discussing key features of culture in Australia and highlighting the prominent cultural events held in Australia in 2013. SACM’s cultural and academic activities were also highlighted.
Chapter One “Culture in Australia” contained a brief definition of culture; overview of indigenous Australians and their culture; cultural and intellectual property of indigenous Australians; Australia’s culture after European migration; language; statistics about culture in Australia; governmental and non-governmental funding for culture and culture and employment.
Chapter Two “General & Higher Education System” focused on quality assurance of higher education in Australia and contained a list of Australian universities.
Chapter Three highlighted prominent conferences, seminars and workshops held in Australia in 2013.
Chapter Four reviewed important participations, achievements and inventions of Saudi sponsored students in Australia, which had been topics in the Australian media.
Chapter Five contained a list of most recent books published in Australia in 2013 in various fields and specializations.
Chapter Six “Patents & Awards in Australia” contained detailed information about Australian patents and annual scientific and cultural awards, plus a list of prominent 100 patents registered in Australia in 2013.
Chapter Seven reviewed important cultural sites and corporations in Australia. The chapter also provided information about major exhibitions and conferences venues in various Australian cities. The chapter also contained information about the history, fields and locations of important libraries in Australia.
Chapter Eight contained detailed information about the outstanding cultural events organized annually in Australia, with a special focus on the events held in 2013.
Chapter Nine discussed cultural and social contributions of Arabs in Australia. The chapter also contained detailed information about important cultural events organized by Arab migrants in Australia and their written and visual cultural production. Brief biographies of some Arab writers in Australia and an overview about World Arabic Language Day were also included.
The second version of ASDAA will be published in 2014. ASDAA and the “Legal Guide” were published as part of SACM’s quality and development programs.