The Saudi Arabian Cultural Mission (SACM) in Australia recently launched a booklet titled: “Australian Medical Fellowships Guide” (AMFG). The Guide contains a big volume of information helpful to physicians interested in training opportunities and medical fellowships in Australia. In addition, the Guide provides a lot of information about the Australian health system, royal medical colleges and specialized medical colleges in Australia. AMFG further discusses stages of the post-graduate advanced medical training in Australia, focusing on information relating to the medical training conducive to medical fellowship. The Guide also provides information about types of visas required for those interested in working and/or studying in Australia.
The Guide is meant to be the major source for physicians interested in medical fellowships in Australia to access important information. This will save the physicians the trouble of looking for information and will make medical fellowship application, testing and visa procedures much easier.
AMFG booklet consists of 140 pages divided into four chapters, plus an index and a supplement of sources, images and diagrams. An electronic copy of the booklet can be viewed on
The Australian Medical Fellowships Guide is one of SACM’s publications, such as the “Legal Guide”, “ASDAA – the Cultural Status in Australia”, “SACM’s Annual Report” and many other publications that can be viewed on SACM’s website under “Publications”.