SACM’s website attracted more than 270,000 visitors in 2014 scoring about 2 million hits on different pages of the website. These statistics reflect the increasing number (by more than 68% compared to 2013) of visitors who browsed and used the website services. 160,000 visitors and users from Australia viewed more than 900 links, particularly links relating to studying in Australia and to services SACM provides to sponsored students. Visitors were also interested in SACM’s news, announcements and departments. Pages talking about Australian regulations and lifestyle were also preferred by visitors. Geographical statistics of visitors from outside Australia showed that visitors from Saudi Arabia were in the lead followed by visitors from USA, UK, Canada and the rest of the world.
SACM’s Arabic website was redrafted in January 2013. It has since then undergone improvements and enrichment, with easier browsing features. The website contains a large number of pages and links to SACM’s departments, which provide information about the history of the mission and its publications, and contact details of the staff.
The website also contains a list of recommended educational institutions in Australia. A “List of Honor”, containing names and achievements of distinguished students in various fields, is also published on the website.