Saudi Idol

To provide an opportunity for Saudi students to showcase their thesis, enhance their presentation skills and gain experience to participate in future similar competitions. Certain number of seats in the competition will be allocated for non-Saudi students in each city.

A 3-minute competition where PhD candidates and research Master students shall professionally present a snapshot about their thesis in front of referees and non-specialist audience aiming at winning the competition.

A 3-minute unassisted speech where presenters shall talk without tech-support i.e. PowerPoint, sound effects, video…etc. The environment will be just like “Ted talk” where only one picture will display as a background with no scientific content. Participants are requested to submit a 3 minutes video after registration.
It consist of 4 stages, 1- Registration, 2- Submitting videos for registered participants, 3- Panel to provide a feedback video, and 4- Open all presentations for voting, where any Saudi Student in Australia can vote only once.

Schedule: The competition will start in and run through Jan 2021. 5 days for registration, 5 days to submit the participation video, 7 days for the panel, 10 days for voting.
Participation sectors: 1- Medicine and Medical Science, 2- Engineering and computer science, and 3- Humanities and others.

Three academic referees from Australian higher education institutions shall act according to the following criteria:
• Time of speech shall not exceed 3 minutes. The presentation shall be in a clear language understandable to all levels of audience
• The presenter shall successfully satisfy relevant research components: methodology, approach, and conclusion
• The presenter shall clarify and explain any specialized terminologies
• The presenter shall manifest professional time management, finish within the allocated time, save referee’s interruption
• The presenter shall grab the audience attention and evoke their curiosity for his/her topic
• The presenter shall employ all their communication skills properly: eye contact, gestures, vocal tones, pace and confidence

Winners: highest votes will be calculated out of each sector, then ranked and will be invited to attend a live show in SACM to present their work and receive their prized
1st Winner: $3000
2nd Winner $1500
3rd Winner $500

For more information please click here to view the Event flyer.

For registration please click here. 

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