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About Saudi Idol

To provide an opportunity for Saudi students to showcase their thesis, enhance their presentation skills and gain experience to participate in future similar competitions.

A 3-minute competition where PhD candidates shall professionally present a snapshot about their thesis in a 3 minutes video for a non-specialist audience aiming at winning the competition.

A 3-minute unassisted speech where presenters shall talk without tech-support i.e. PowerPoint, sound effects, video…etc. The environment will be just like “Ted talk” where only one picture will display as a background with no scientific content. Participants are requested to submit a 3 minutes video after registration.
It consists of 3 stages, 1- Registration, 2- Submitting videos for registered participants, and 3- Open all presentations for voting, where any Saudi Students in Australia and academics can vote.

The competition will start in and run through Jan 2021.
-Thursday 21 of Jan until Sunday 24 of Jan for registration,
-Monday 25 of Jan until Wednesday 3 of Feb to submit the participation video,
-Wednesday 10 of Feb until Thursday 16 of Feb (16:00 pm Canberra Time) for voting.”

Participation sectors:
1- Medicine and Medical Science,
2- Engineering and computer science, and
3- Humanities and others.

Voting System
1- 5 Points for an academic, hold a PhD or higher, in Australian University or world wide.
2- 4 Points for a Saudi student graduate with a PhD degree or higher from Australia
3- 3 Points for current PhD Student
4- 2 Points for current Master Student
5- 1 Point for current bachelor student
6- Any other votes outside the above categories will be excluded.

1- Calculation of votes will be done for each sector independently.
2- One Winner from each sector
3- Another comparison for three winners, and places will be ranked based on highest votes.

1st Winner: $3000
2nd Winner $1500
3rd Winner $500

For more information please click here to view the Event flyer.

For registration please click here. 

Medical and Medicine Science

Medical and Medicine Science Booklet click here

Name   University  Title of Research/ Paper/Thesis Link Vote numbers
Sami Khaloufah Alahmari QUT Effects of three different Neuromuscular electrical stimulation methods on training volume and neuromuscular function Click here 117
Samaher Mohammed Alowaydhah Newcastle Exercise Evaluation, Prescription and Delivery in the Elderly Click here 157
Mosa Ali Shubayr Western Australia Factors associated with the infection control behaviour of the dental health care workers in Saudi Arabia during the COVID-19 pandemic: Application of the Theory of Planned Behaviour. Click here 137
Ibrahim Hussian Khormi Newcastle Using Amide Proton Transfer to investigate and characterize lesions and normal-appearing white matter in Multiple Sclerosis Click here 98
Sumaiah Alasmari Monash An investigation of the engagement of cGAS-STING signaling upon DNA damage in cancer cells Click here 133
Arwaf Alharbi Monash  Defining the immune-modulatory effects of therapeutic oligonucleotides Click here 121
Abrar Arbaeen Sydney  Opioid exposures in children under 5 years of age (2004–2019): A retrospective study of calls to Australia’s largest poisons Click here 375
Alanoud Mohammed Aldossary Newcastle Facilitators and Barriers for Breastfeeding among Working Women in Saudi Arabia Click here 246
Sultan Ayyadah Alanazi Queensland Improving the Management of Ankle Osteoarthritis through the development of Core Domain Set Click here 369
Lena Yaslam Babaeer Queensland  Health behaviours and educational outcomes in university students: a mixed-method study Click here 164
Abdullah Alzhrani Queensland Exploring use of touchscreen mobile devices among working adults in relation to musculoskeletal disorder risk factors: a university case study Click here 151
Rooa Abdullah Yousef Sindi Curtin  Quantitative Measurement of Breast Density Using Personalized 3D-Printed Breast Model for Magnetic Resonance Imaging Click here 122
Zakaria Ahmed Mani Monash  An exploration of competence among hospital emergency nurses in armed conflict areas: A mixed methods study Click here 118
Mohammed Abuwarwar Monash  Noval strategies for targeting cancer-associated fibroblasts Click here 76
Nader Eqaab D Alotaibi
Adelaide Nursing Care for Mechanically Ventilated Patients in Intensive Care Units in Saudi Arabia
Click here 105

Engineering and Computer Science

Engineering and Computer Science Booklet click here

Name   University  Title of Research/ Paper/Thesis Link Vote numbers
Ali Siddiq UTS Modeling the Transmission of Dengue Fever Click here 268
Raed Yahya AlBanna Melbourne The Influence of The Learning Environment on Students’ Embodied Learning Experiences: International Primary School Case Studies Click here  99
Haifa Mohammed Almutairi Western Australia Classification of Obstructive Sleep Apnoea from Single-Lead ECG Signals Click here  156
Hussain Ali Alsadiq Queensland acoustofluidic manipulation of microbubbles for drug delivery applications Click here 201
Afrah Alanazi Latrobe MoLeCaP: Mobile Learning of Computer Programming by Female Students in Saudi Arabia Click here 266
Hamad Zogan UTS Detecting Depression Through Social Media Click here  67
ABDULRAHMAN HASSAN ALHAZMI La Trobe  Developing an Awareness Framework for Software Developers to Implement Privacy into Software Systems Click here 498
Tawfeeq Reda M Alsanoosy RMIT  The influence of culture on requirements engineering activities Click here  183
Ebtesam Almansor UTS measuring the quilty of chatbot using intelligent machine learning approaches Click here  146
Ahmed Alkenani QUT Home-Based Prediction of Prodromal Dementia Using Linguistic Patterns and Deficits Click here 234


Humanities, Management, and Applied Science

Humanities, Management, and Applied Science Booklet click here

Name  University  Title of Research/ Paper/Thesis Link Vote numbers
Reem Dheya Alothmany Flinders  Investigating the Impact of High-Performance Work Systems on Employee Outcomes in Saudi Arabia’s Healthcare Click here  292
Mai Abualsamh Western Sydney  Caught between two Cultures: Advice-Giving realizations by Saudi students in Australia Click here  174
Rayed Obaid Alobaid New England The association between intellectual capital and financial performance in the GCC banking sector: A comparative analysis between Islamic and Conventional banks Click here  142
Rola Adel Kutby Curtin  Honey bee (Apis mellifera) health monitoring and the fungal pathogen Nosema spp.  Click here  71
Nedaa Abdulrahman Alshehri Western Sydney  Using Digital Storytelling To Enhance English Foreign Language Learning: A Case Study of Saudi EFL Female College students Click here  91
Maryam Salman Aldossary Curtin  The Effectiveness of Art-based Instrumental Mentoring in Enhancing  Metacognitive Awareness Among First Year University Students Click here  117
Yazeed Alanazi  Wollongong Associations between 24-hour movement behaviours (physical activity, sedentary behaviour, and sleep) and health and development among children in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Click here  282
Elham Mohammad M Qawariri  Wollongong Corporate Social Responsibility under Saudi Company Law: Comparative Study with Australia Click here  102
Budur Alamrani South Australia Exploring the Perspectives of Primary School Students with Autism about their Inclusion and Educational Experiences in Saudi Arabia Mainstream Schools Click here  111
Raniah Amir ALsairi QUT Perceptions and knowledge of obesity among Saudi women Click here  82
Badriah Saleh AL-Juaid La Trobe  Classical algebraic structures and representations certain relation algebra. Click here  68
Ahmed Ali Y. Majrashi CURTIN  The Impact of Management Control System on the Relationship between Organizational Culture, Environmental Strategy and Environmental Performance in Australian and Saudi Arabian Organizations Click here  69


Saudi Research Idol Winners


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