The Saudi Student Clubs in Australia organized closing ceremonies celebrating the achievements of the Clubs in 2014. Major Australian cities have witnessed a series of cultural and entertaining events organized by Saudi students over the last two weeks. Clubs’ administrative panels and supporting committees together with outstanding Saudi students were recognized at the ceremonies.
In the 2014 round, the Saudi Student Clubs in Australia organized a number of programs and activities involved more than seven thousands students and their companions across twelve cities in Australia. Participation of Saudi students in Australian cultural festivals, such as the National Multicultural Festival and the Harmony Day, was widely admired by Australian people and multicultural communities in Australia. Managing panels of the Saudi Student Clubs in Australia were successful in implementing the Major Activity Plan of the Clubs, including celebrating Islamic occasions, Saudi National Day, terminal graduation ceremonies, as well as sporting activities and social gatherings organized by Saudi Student Societies affiliates to the Clubs. Such events and activities aimed at fostering co-operation and brotherliness between sponsored students and their companions. The Clubs also organized scientific activities, training courses and specialized and general workshops in 2014.
Many of Saudi sponsored students commended the performance and achievements of the Clubs in 2014. Monash University student, Ali Alamari, said he was pleased to participate in number of activities held by the Saudi Student Club in Melbourne. He also praised the turnout of sponsored students at these activities, especially the scientific ones. Ali had attended a workshop and a training course whereby he obtained a recognized certificate. Sydney University student, Ahmed Al Naji, said his participation in the Club’s activities this year was very useful to him; especially he was elected as the presenter of the 2014 Graduation Ceremony organized by SACM under the auspices of the Saudi Minister of Higher Education in August 2014.
The Cultural Attaché, Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia, Dr. Abdulaziz Bin Taleb, confirmed that SACM appraises the big efforts made by Clubs’ presidents and their supporting teams during this round. Dr. Bin Taleb also said that the sponsored students have been a good support to SACM in organizing huge events such as SACM’s Graduation Ceremony and Job Fair.