Saudi sponsored student, Muath Alduhishy, who is enrolled in Bachelor of Medicine course at the University of Queensland, has, in collaboration with Mouhannad Malek of University of Cambridge, published on the international scientific journal “Nature” a scientific article entitled: “Middle East: Popular uprising spreads science”. The article was published online on the 23rd of September 2015.

Nature is one of the world’s most highly cited interdisciplinary science journals, publishing the finest peer-reviewed research and significant advances in all fields of science and technology. It aims at providing forum for the reporting and discussion of news and issues concerning science. It also aims at disseminating results of science throughout the world, in a fashion that conveys their significance for knowledge, culture and daily life.

Dr. Abdulaziz Bin Taleb, the Saudi Cultural Attaché to Australia has expressed his congratulations to the student on this achievement. He also confirmed that such scientific achievements are a cause for pride. Dr. Abdulaziz Bin Taleb wished success for the student and all Saudi students in their academic and professional endeavours.