Dr. Abdulaziz Bin Taleb the Saudi Cultural Attaché to Australia, recently met with Saudi students in Perth, West Australia. The aim of the meeting was to check the status of students and discuss the most significant issues they encounter. The Attaché also partook Ramadan breakfast (Iftar) with the students, met with officials from the University of Western Australia and discussed with them the areas of cooperation and efforts of boosting cultural and academic relations between the university and  SACM.

Dr. Bin Taleb also recently met with the Saudi students in Brisbane and Gold Coast, Queensland. These meetings are part of the periodic meetings of the Attaché with Saudi students in the cities of their study. The meetings provide a good venue for students and SACM to discuss and solve any academic or social issues encountering students.

The Cultural Attaché urged students to take the most advantage of their scholarships and aspire after excellence not just success. He also talked about Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030, encouraging students to keep up with it by acquainting themselves with the country’s developmental priorities and orientations and building their scientific research and projects in line with the future trends defined by the vision.

Dr. Bin Taleb also encouraged the students to focus on developing their skills, raising the level of qualification, training and language proficiency, and to acquire the most important expertise at this stage, in order to return home after graduation well equipped for the labour market.